Most images are now watermarked. Watermarks do not show up on downloads or in final printed versions, they're there to identify where they came from and allow me a little control.

Downloads, formerly free when this was a enthusiast site, are now available for purchase.  The smallest size (~ 640x480 pixels), good for social media sharing, is priced at $ 1.99.  The "low-res" and "high-res" versions (roughly 1Mpix and 4Mpix) are more in line with industry standard prices. 

>  Original images aren't for sale unless you really, really want it, in which case you can contact me and we'll work out a price. 

> The print lab uses the Original Full-Size File for ALL PRINTS, as a result, lab prints are generally of slightly higher quality (theoretically at least) than a print from a downloaded file. 

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